Coffee shop customers are demanding more

coffee customerCoffee shop customers are becoming ever-more demanding as their spending increases, according to new research by Allegra and BRITA.

Whilst the UK’s coffee shops grew 10 percent in the past year with 2.2bn cups sold, priorities and loyalties are shifting.

No longer content to gulp large drinks chosen from extensive menus, customers are looking for a more refined experience. With quality taking priority over quantity of coffee, shops will have to alter their offering to reflect changing tastes.

Good coffee is not the only thing customers are looking out for – one in five customers would like to see full table service in coffee shops, and a further third would like to be able to enjoy hot drinks in the evening.

A food menu is a must for today’s coffee shops, with big brands offering wide ranges of sweet and savoury dishes to be enjoyed alongside drinks. Costa’s artisan Costa Fresco concept has been launched with offerings including sticky toffee pudding.

Lastly, the research found that the impact of technology on the coffee shop experience will continue to grow. The rise in ordering apps will allow guests to order and pay for drinks before they walk through the door.