Clementine tart is a Christmas cracker

Dessert is a focal point for many customers on Christmas Day. On the most festive day of the year, most will consciously leave a bit of room after their turkey dinner for something extra special. Whilst classic puddings such as Christmas cake and Chocolate Yule Log are still firm favourites, our refreshing, light Clementine Tart could serve as the perfect antidote to that festive full feeling.

Having been awarded Silver at the BFFF Awards this year, Clementine Tart is the ideal treat after a heavy meal. A dessert that can respond to the demand of smaller portions and to the trend of sharing desserts, it represents the true spirit of Christmas. Whilst the flavour of orange can be seen as exotic amongst the likes of chocolate and cherry, an orange’s physical segment structure adheres nicely to the symbol of sharing and giving.

The Clementine Tart also caters for those customers who tend to favour richer desserts. Orange fruit can be linked to the notion of richness through the popular Christmas tale of St Nicholas. Having heard about a poor man who was unable to pay for his three daughter’s marriage dowries, he travelled to the man’s house and threw three sacks of gold down the chimney. As legend has it, the gold landed in the daughter’s stockings, which to this day are linked to oranges being placed in Christmas stockings.