Celebrating the potato

Next week brings National Potato Day, a celebration of one of Britain’s favourite foods. In order to celebrate, Destiny Foods has put together several ways in which you can use potatoes in your cooking.

Home-made crisps
A tasty treat that can remain healthy if a deep fat fryer is avoided. To make, simply slice your potatoes thinly, toss them in oil, arrange on a baking sheet, seasoning with salt. Cook in the oven until golden brown, leave to cool and enjoy!

Sauté potatoes
A great alternative to chips, sauté potatoes are quick and easy to prepare. Simply cook your potato chunks for 3 minutes, drain, and then leave to cool. Once the chunks have cooled, fry them in a medium-high heated pan of oil for around 7 minutes, turning regularly. To finish, season the chunks with salt to suit your taste.

Most people are unaware that Gnocchi contains potato, but it is in fact classed as a potato dumpling. Made from potatoes, flour, eggs and salt, Gnocchi is a blank canvas that can be paired with just about any sauce.

Potato gratin
As seen on page 77 of our catalogue, potato gratin is a luxurious way to serve potatoes as part of a side-dish. To prepare, slice potatoes into 3mm thick slices and season with a grated clove of garlic.  Add salt and pepper and cover the potatoes with cream. Place the mixture into a gratin dish, ensuring the cream is just below the top layer of potato. Finally, bake on a low heat for several hours and serve with roasted meat or poultry.