British classics are here to stay for Christmas

While the classic fruit cake is predominantly viewed as an adult’s cake, there are classic desserts that are more suited to the whole family. The flavours in our Victoria Sponge, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Carrot Cake are just that bit sweeter and lighter, ideal for all ages to enjoy.

The traditional Victoria Sponge, as you may have guessed, originates from Queen Victoria’s reign, and is widely thought to have been her favourite cake. This being said, there is dispute as to whether this is completely true. Some food experts believe that the cake evolves from the nursery tea, a customary tradition where parents alleviated the nanny of her duties and joined their children in the nursery for a bite to eat. The simple menu would often include sandwiches, boiled eggs on toast and on special occasions, fruit cake full of nuts and seeds. Many people were afraid to give children such a dense cake, so a much lighter, fluffier cake filled with jam and cream was then adopted by Queen Victoria in the later part of the 18th Century.

Another favourite of the young and old alike is the Chocolate Fudge cake. Rich, chocolate sponge has always been highly valued – the Ancient Mayans believed that cocoa was a sacred product and upon this belief, drank it from solid gold goblets. We are still lovers of chocolate to this day, and our moist chocolate sponge makes a great accompaniment to any menu. For those with a more mature palette, our Carrot Cake is the ideal option, with its lightly spiced sponge, filled with walnuts and covered with sweet frosting.

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