British Apples Are Sweeter Than Ever

This year’s spring was the coldest on record with April, May and June receiving unpredictable amounts of rainfall. However the summer of 2013 transformed our gloomy island into a sun soaked nation as temperatures soared to 28 degrees Celsius, rivalling our Mediterranean neighbours.

Although the long, hot summer may have come to end, we can still reap the benefits of the year’s extreme change in temperatures, with farmers arguing that this year’s harvest of British fruit is amongst one of the best in recent years.

Experts from the UK’s leading horticulturalist research centre, East Malling Research, claim that the late spring combined with the summer’s increased temperatures has allowed British produce extra time to mature, resulting in richly coloured apples and pears with an ideal sugar to acid ratio.

Britain’s leading supermarkets are predicting a surge in demand for this delicious crop with Sainsbury’s expecting sales of 200 million apples and pears and Waitrose predicting that 70% of all apple sales will be British in variety.

This year’s harvest should be available in most supermarkets by the end of the week and farmers can look forward to enjoying a profitable winter.

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