Breaking the bread: our top picks

Our bread range originates from a bakery in northern Spain, a country where bread plays an important part of every meal. We offer an assortment of breads, including Ciabatta, Vienna Gourmet, Baguette, Rombo and many more. If you’re stuck for choice, we’ve suggested a few of our top picks below:


Our Rustic Ciabatta sandwich bread is made with a slowly fermented dough and has a soft open texture and thin crust. The Mini Ciabatta selection is stone baked for a rich aroma and a soft creamy crumb.


We offer a carefully selected range of Rombo breads. The Rombo Express is an exquisite rhomboid shaped roll that is perfect for sandwiches or an accompaniment item. The Rombo Multicereales is a light sourdough roll containing sunflower, pumpkin, flax, millet, sesame, soy, poppy seeds and oats for a full flavour and lovely rich aroma. We also offer a Mini Rombo Diamond bread, perfect for all occasions.


We have a variety of hearty baguettes, including the Rustique Express, made with a touch of malted wheat and barley flour, as well as the Nova Galega baguette, a ciabatta style artisanal baguette with distinctive pointed ends.


To download a PDF of our breads, please click here