Beat those winter blues with an Afternoon Tea treat

As the cold months continue to drag on, it’s not surprising that many still suffer from the winter blues at this time of year. What better reason to treat your customers to something special? Brighten up their February with our Afternoon Tea range, the perfect antidote that will have them feeling happier in no time.

Traditional Afternoon Tea was introduced in 1840, when the Duchess of Bedford complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ during the late afternoon. It was customary for people to eat only two meals in the 1800s, with one taken at breakfast and the other in the late evening. The solution? A pot of tea and a light snack, and from this simple addition to the Duchess’ daily routine, a worldly phenomenon was born.

Our Afternoon Tea ranges, which include our Savoy Teatime Box and French Teatime Box, are designed for sharing and bringing people together. Our Savoy Teatime Box, slightly smaller than our other ranges, is perfect for work meetings or those who want to treat themselves but still watch their waistlines after the Christmas splurge.  The French Teatime Box, made up of tasty morsels such as Macarons and Cherry Financier, is ideal for those looking to relax and catch up with friends over a leisurely bite to eat.

If your customers are looking for something more individual and unique, our Waldorf Teatime Box is sure to strike a chord. From Chocolate Opera & Vanilla slices to Pecan Tarts and Macarons – it’s guaranteed to leave your customers coming back for more. For our extensive range of Afternoon Teas, take a glance at our complete catalogue here.