Baklava: a holiday for the senses

The disappointment of a series of soggy summers has left the British public feeling a little under-the-weather, and we’ve been thinking about the best ways to help customers feel a little better about it all.

Pudding can provide the answer to most of life’s problems, so naturally we took to the kitchen to see what we could come up with. Baklava is a sticky, sweet treat with roots in Turkey and the Middle East – a suitably sunny area with just the kind of climate British consumers crave come summertime.

With a range of tasty, authentic flavours and fillings to choose from, our new range is the perfect antidote to the damp British summer.

To send your customers on a holiday for the senses, get in touch with our customer services team on 0844 856 0911.Destiny Foods Baklava Crop