Innovation and creativity are in our DNA. They are a huge part
of what makes our business special. We understand the need
to keep our range fresh and exciting and that’s why we’re
constantly innovating and reinventing our collection of fabulous
desserts and speciality foods.

We achieve this level of innovation through the people who work at Destiny Foods, particularly our talented Development Chefs and their team. We provide them with all the support and freedom they need to create sublime foods that delight our clients and their customers each and every day.

We’re at the cutting edge of supply to the foodservice industry and we intend to stay there. This is why over the last 2 years we’ve invested heavily across many areas of the business; seriously improving our equipment and facilities in order to improve our efficiencies in production whilst still retaining the integrity of our products.

A fundamental aspect of our business is that we make hand-made desserts and it’s imperative that we keep it that way. Where we do introduce new equipment great effort is made to ensure that we don’t lose any of that great hand-made finish. The new production lines that we have put in mix the benefits of new technology with our ‘hands-on’ approach. Toppings are still done by hand, decorations are still done manually but we have managed to vastly increase efficiency and, importantly, keep our prices competitive.

Our desire and our passion to be the best is what keep us growing and ahead of our competitors.