A word on our ‘cool’ partner, Cheshire Farm Ice Cream

In addition to Destiny Foods’ extensive handmade pastry and dessert product portfolio, we also offer our customers a range of ice cream products, delivered on request via our comprehensive nationwide delivery network – perfect as sunny Spring days become more regular.

Our partnership with Cheshire Farm Real Dairy Ice Cream, an award winning manufacturer with over 26 years experience, enables us to supply over 40 delicious flavours of ice cream, sorbets and frozen fruit smoothies. All of which are produced at a rural Cheshire farm with fresh whole milk, fresh cream and the finest ingredients.

In line with Destiny Foods’ exacting practices, Cheshire Farm boasts a state of the art production facility and a Grade ‘A’ accreditation from the British Retail Consortium. Since its inception in 2008, we have formed a successful partnership with Cheshire Farm which is mutually beneficial to all involved, not least our ice-cream loving customers.