A Uniquely Traditional Easter Feast

With Easter soon upon us, we thought we’d put together a tasty traditional Easter banquet, with a modern Destiny Foods twist.

Salmon is a popular and refreshing menu option across the UK, and particularly over the Easter holiday, as many of us follow the Good Friday traditions of eating fish. With that in mind, we recommend our Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Dill Timble (page 93 of the catalogue) to start the Easter feast.

As Easter falls in spring, Lamb has become the nation’s favourite meat to enjoy around this holiday, however, instead of the typical meal executions of roast leg of lamb, why not offer something a little different? Our delicious Lamb and Mint Mini Pie (catalogue page 96) offers traditional flavours in petite casing. Or for those with a larger appetite, there is always our Lamb, Mint and Leek Pie (catalogue page 108).

No Easter meal is complete without a delicious dessert, and in keeping with the theme of the season – chocolate – our recommendation is our brand new Large Pre-Cut Maltese Torte (catalogue page 129). A divine milk chocolate mousse decorated with swirls of cream and chocolate covered honeycomb balls.