A cake for all occasions

The classic British afternoon tea is an increasingly popular way for young and old alike to spend time together whilst enjoying a treat or two. As leaders in the innovation and manufacture of desserts, Destiny Foods provides various sizes and varieties of cakes to help your establishment make the most of this British craze:

Large cakes & traybakes
Large cakes and traybakes are great options for bigger groups of afternoon tea fanatics. Simple classics such as Carrot Cake and Chocolate Fudge Cake (catalogue, p60) are firm favourites and a great way to ensure your guests don’t leave disappointed. For those who don’t have a very sweet tooth, bar cakes such as Madeira or Parkin (catalogue, p61) offer a great alternative.

Mini desserts

If your guests are looking for something light and tasty, teatime cakes are a great way for individuals to enjoy their own preference of cake without producing wastage or having to compromise. Cakes such as Victoria Sponge and Eccles cakes are available in miniature form (catalogue, p51) and are not only satisfying on the palette, but pleasing on the eye.

If your establishment has a heavy footfall, but you’d still like to offer afternoon tea cakes to your guests – teatime cake slices are a great way to offer variety in large volumes. Cakes such as Coffee Walnut and Bakewell (catalogue, p50) lend themselves well to slices and can provide the quantity you need without compromising on the quality your guests deserve.